From the desk of: Dayna Deutsch

Updated: January 2, 2009 - 2:46 pm

Dayna Deutsch promotes "Sesame Street Live" from her 17th-floor office at VEE Corporation. The company’s expertise in creating life-size costumes has extended to mascots as well — VEE Corporation produces the costume for the Timberwolves’ mascot Crunch. VEE also puts together children’s museum exhibits. A Mr. Potato Head exhibit is currently on display in Milwaukee, and the company is developing a children’s area inside a floating museum on an aircraft carrier moored off the coast of Corpus Christi. Deutsch previously worked at the Ordway and Hubbard Broadcasting before coming to VEE to work as vice president of sales and marketing.

"Nothing outshines live entertainment," she said.


1 VEE Corporation creates its own line of Sesame Street plush toys, so they keep an eye on the competition, which includes this Curious George doll.

2 This road atlas is a vital handbook for Deutsch. She helps coordinate the logistics of the traveling show, which consists of about 30 crew members and three semi-trailers filled with sets, costumes and concession-stand merchandise. “All of us have maps handy,” she said.

“Anybody in show business needs a star,” said Deutsch. Her star functions as a paperweight.

4 This is “Showcase,” a Durham, N. H. publication that recently profiled “Sesame Street Live” to preview a show there. The city was hit with a blizzard, so Deutsch spent part of a recent Friday coordinating the details of a show cancellation.

5 This is a 25th anniversary collectible Elmo toy — Big Bird might once have been the star of the show, but today it’s all about Elmo. The newest “Sesame Street Live” show coming to the Target Center Jan. 14–18 is called “Elmo’s Green Thumb.” New Tickle Me Elmo models continue to enter the toy market, by the way. The latest one contains multiple motors and flashier electronic animation.

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