MnPASS offers promotion to attract Express Lane subscribers

Updated: July 24, 2009 - 3:26 pm

Express lanes currently under construction on Interstate 35W between Burnsville and Downtown are expected to alleviate traffic congestion in the area.

The new lanes will include two segments from Highway 13 in Burnsville to Interstate 494 and from I-494 to downtown.

Between now and Oct. 31, drivers who purchase passes for the new MnPASS Express Lanes, scheduled to open Sept. 30, will receive $25 in free toll credits. In addition, new subscribers can receive $20 in transit fares when they purchase a Metro Transit Go-To card, valid on all regional buses.

Those who register pay an initial fee of $40 for a transponder that attaches to their windshield. The transponder automatically charges toll fees as tolls are passed. Depending on the time of day one travels, they can expect between $1 and $4 per day in toll fees.

The $25 toll credit may be used on the new lanes once they open, or on the existing Interstate 394 Express Lanes. The official opening date of the I-35W Express Lanes, if different from Sept. 30, will be posted on at least 30 days in advance. Anyone who has closed a MnPASS account within the last 6 months is not eligible to receive the $25 toll credit.

To begin a MnPASS account, call the MnPASS customer service center at 1-866-EZ-RIDE4 or visit