Credit: Photo by Eric Best

Credit: Photo by Eric Best

Norseman Distillery opens cocktail lounge in Northeast

Norseman Distillery is opening its cocktail room Friday, Feb. 19.

Architect-turned-distiller Scott Ervin relocated the Northeast Minneapolis-based distillery — the state’s first craft micro-distillery — last winter to a huge new space where he has since been hosting tours and tastings. Over the past year, Ervin has patiently built out one of the city’s largest cocktail room and distillery spaces.

“We’ve pulled together a kick-ass team of bartenders & staff, and we are ready to share all of our hard work and passion, with all of you! Thank you for all of your patience and support, over the past few months. We look forward to seeing you at our bar!” Norseman wrote in an announcement.

Keith Mrotek, Norseman’s beverage director, has put together a cocktail menu of classic drinks with the distillery’s vodka, rum, gin and aquavit. Mrotek, a veteran of the North Loop’s Marvel Bar, hopes that patrons can try these simple drinks — gimlets, martinis, etc. — and try mixing the spirits themselves. 

“The intent was to showcase Norseman spirits in a way that you can bring those home,” he told The Journal. 

The opening menu features $8-10 cocktails (that’s with tax included) to keep the menu approachable. If patrons like the drinks, they can literally bring them home with 375ml bottles of the gin, rum or vodka.

The cocktail lounge seats more than 200 people — they have about 30,000 square feet of space — and Norseman will be able to handle even more when its huge patio opens during the warmer months. Mrotek said they’re also working on building out an event space in one of the building’s old-school loading bays. 

Ervin told The Journal last fall that he plans on serving pies from Birchwood Café and cookies from Rustica Bakery along with the locally distilled spirits. 

Norseman will host a grand opening party on Saturday, Feb. 27 from 5 p.m.-12 a.m.

The cocktail room at 451 Taft St. NE is open Monday through Thursday from 5-11 p.m., Friday from 5 p.m.-12 a.m., and Saturday from 4 p.m.-12 a.m.